Parenting is not easy especially for new moms. You try to keep up with your daily routines. And in most times your 3 months old will do everything possible to be with you every second of the day. It can be really exhausting but we cannot stop them. Babies are naturally inquisitive, they just arrived in a new world and all they want to do is learn as much as they can about their new environment.

You see them trying out anything and everything and they cannot do this sitting or lying on a spot. This is the time to look up the BEST BABY ACTIVITY CENTER REVIEWS and find a perfect fit for your toddler.

Most moms use walkers but this is risky, the best solution is the use of baby activity centers.

What To Look For When Buying A Baby Activity Center.

Getting to choose a particular activity center can be so stressful. With lots of activity centers out there, how do you get the best for your baby? If this is your problem then you are at the right place as we have put together some things to consider while choosing a baby activity center.

1. Age: The first and most important thing to do is to check for one appropriate for your baby’s age and size. You can use some of the activity centers from birth while others take up to four months before use.

2. Adjustability: Remember your kid is growing, and at some point you will need to adjust the seat so his feet are barely touching the ground. Thus, when buying an activity center be sure to check how adjustable it is.

3. Toys: The toys are what keeps your baby occupied, ensure that you buy an activity center with quality toys that will keep your baby busy. Also check if they are detachable, if they are, then they should be in tethers. Remember he is just a child and could chew the toys out of curiosity.

4. Portability: A good baby activity center must be portable and easy to store. It is also very important to check for its portability as you would most likely take it with you as you leave the house, thus you should buy one that can be folded.

5. Stability and Longetivity: Do not compromise because of cost. Your baby’s safety should be your priority as you decide on an activity center to buy. Endeavour to get one with firm footings that are safe for your baby to walk or jump with and be sure the activity center is built from a strong material that can stand several moments without breakage.

6. Easy to Clean: Your baby will spend most of his time in the activity center. So be sure to get one without hidden corner and that can be easily cleaned with wet clothes or machines.

7. Power source: Baby activity centers usually operate on electricity or batteries. Consider how much time your child will spend in the activity center and get one that suits the duration.

8. Multipurpose: Though not as important as others, but you could also search for one that can be transformed to a play table or play mat as your baby grow older and able to stand in his own. Just an additional advantage and most of the activity centers that come with this function are usually expensive. You can check out evenflo exersaucer price or check our Best baby activity center reviews for one that fits your choice.

Best Baby Activity Center Reviews 2018

Baby activity centers, also known as exersaucers, is the best way to keep your baby entertained and safe as you go about your daily routines. We have made the decision making process easier by putting together baby activity center comparison that will guide you through your selection.

1. Summer Infant 3-stage Superseat Deluxe Giggles Island

This activity center is designed for 3 months to 4 years old babies and comes equipped with adjustable 3 stage super seat deluxe. In the first stage, the seat serves as a soft foam support. And it strengthens the baby’s back and neck thus helping him learn to sit up.

The second stage is an activity seat with six detachable toy bars to keep your baby engage and entertained and a feeding tray attached to stage 1 support that rotates 360 degrees.

The third stage is the booster seat with an inbuilt chair strap which helps provide secure positioning to a standing chair and has a fairly portable weight so you can take it with you anywhere.

2. Skip Hop Baby Infant and Toddler

This exersaucer is a perfect choice for all ages (0 and above). Skin hop activity center is designed with an oversized round activity mat and a supportive tummy time pillow. It also comes with five playful multi-sensory hanging toys and 13 loops for hanging the toys low or high on the mat and 17 developmental activities. You can check baby activity center on amazon for your skip hop baby infant and toddler.

3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumpero

This is furnished with an elastic band which allows your baby to jump with sounds and music exciting them with every jump. This product comes with a fun seat which can be rotated 360 degrees and have different toy locations allowing the baby to play all way round. The toys includes a bobbling elephant, a parrot, a tiger that plays hide and seek, a spinning lizard that makes a rattling noise, and a parrot. It is a great choice for babies who can hold up their head unassisted and can be folded and taken with you anywhere you go.

4. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

This best baby activity center reviews will be incomplete without examining the evenflo exersaucer which serves three functions; a play mat for babies within the age of 0 to 4, an activity center from 4 months to walking age and an activity table from walking age till 2 years. This product helps your baby in 10 developmental stages and comes with toys and music that is appropriate even for an 11 year old. This multipurpose saucer is adjustable to 3 heights as your baby grows taller. It is mom’s best choice as it is portable and easy to store. Other features include; removable seat pad, easy to clean, requires a 9 AAA alkaline batteries.

5. Delta Children Lil Playstation 3-in-1 Activity Center

This is another example of a multipurpose saucer which can be used as a walker, rocker and a stationary activity center. This product is best for stimulating your baby’s mental development. Like the evenflo exersaucer, it is adjustable up to 3 heights so you can adjust it as your baby grows older. It is packed with interactive toys with built-in light and sound that comes on when your baby plays with them. It is battery powered thus requires 2 AA batteries.

6. Bright Start Around We Go 3 in 1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo

This is a great choice for moms as it allows your baby move around by placing toys around a table. With the walker attached to the table you can be sure your baby is safe. This product also serves different purposes and comes with over 15 activities (including tether toys). Silly music from the piano station keeps your baby entertained for hours.

7. Oribel Portaplay 4 in 1 Forest Friends

This is a convertible exersaucer that can be converted from a baby to a toddler activity center. It is equipped with toys which improves a baby’s development and can be taken anywhere as it is easily foldable. The elastic seats are comfortable for babies to jiggle and bounce on. As beautiful as it is, it is very expensive and the toys are sold separately.

8. Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer

This is an ocean-themed saucer packed with over 11 activities (including an electronic piano) and toys to keep your baby engaged and entertained. It is adjustable up to 3 heights and can be rotated 360 degrees. You do not need to worry about cleaning as it is machine washable. Though a great choice but some customers complain of its stability and that the height can be hard to adjust. You can check baby Einstein activity center on amazon or baby activity centers online for a detailed description.

9. BabyBjorn Baby Bouncer

Thanks to our best baby activity center reviews, now you can add décor to your home with this modern bouncer. It has a soft design suitable for a new born babies. It helps develop balance and motor skills and provides head and back support. It can also be seated in different positions to create a comfy chair. Other feature include; easy to clean, portable and provides full back support.

10. Stokke Steps Bouncer

This product comes with a unique cradling movement that gives your baby the feeling of been cradled by the mother. It provides comfort and support to your baby and comes with adjustable sitting positions.

11. Fischer-Prize Luv U Zoo

This zoo-themed exersaucer is furnished with a seat that spins 360 degrees and amazing toys to keep your baby entertained. Some of these toys include; spinning rainbow wheel, clacker giraffe, lion teether and a hanging rhino and gorilla. The light and sound liven up the mood so your baby stays happy as you do your chores.


Every mom wants the best for her baby. Interestingly, with these baby activity centers you are sure to get the best for your child. Just follow the links through all the products mentioned here and you’ll land on Amazon which will give you free shipping to your home within 48 hours or less.


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