The baby trend expedition jogging stroller is one of the best low cost jogging strollers that allow both the child and parents to have an enjoyable stroll. Basically, it is common for jogging strollers to deteriorate over time due to poor manufacturing or even come with insufficient storage space or even an uncomfortable sitting space for the baby.

Hence, we decided to create a well-detailed review on baby trend expedition jogging stroller Review.

Why Make A Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Review?

The purpose is to tackle basic problems that most active families encounter after purchasing a baby trend stroller by providing sufficient information after a proper research on the expedition jogging stroller. By making a baby trend expedition jogging stroller comparison for potential customers, they’ll be able to determine the best brand of stroller to go for.

Performance Comparison

Based on an analysis of the performance level of The Expedition jogging stroller with other strollers like Bob Revolution Pro, Summit X3, Pockit lightweight etc., we discovered that The Expedition, which is arguably one of the best baby jogging strollers 2018; earned more points than so many other strollers of which most of them are even over twice its price.

We’ve carefully made a well-detailed review with sufficient information for this jogging stroller comparison, as it contains the features that distinguish the expedition jogging stroller from other strollers.


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Ease Of Use

The Expedition earned a rating of 7 out of 10 for easy usage, below other strollers like Burley Solstice and Urban Glide 2 which both had a rating of 9 and 8 respectively.


The Expedition scored a 5 out 10 making it obvious that it’s not the best option for parents who are runners. Also, it doesn’t have an adjustable tracking but it can run straight and certainly not to veer off course excessively. Although, it can slightly pull to the side when it is being used at higher speed, however, it can easily back tip to get it back on course or turn the fixed wheel.

There is also an absence of an adjustable handle bar. Interestingly, this might create a little difficulty in establishing a perfect running biomechanics.


The Expedition has brakes that are “double action” and for the brakes to be fully engaged there is a need to press two pedals. Over time, parents are likely to become unbothered to press these two pedals or even forget to. These pedals are slightly stiff, making it unfriendly to sandal foot, and the underside of each pedal is rough.

Folding And Unfolding

You’ll hardly break a sweat when folding The Expedition. It is two-handed and the fold is initiated when the side levers are slid up and then pulling on the handle placed under the seat. The Expedition also features a fold lock that is manually operated, and it self-stands as well. The front wheel can be released and removed to achieve a more compact fold, although this jogger stroller folds smaller than most average jogger stroller with the wheel intact.


This jogger stroller has a canopy that is average in size, with the inclusion of a mesh peek-a-boo window which is small in size. The canopy on The Expedition provides little protection on the sides and it is not large enough to cover the knees of the child, however, it does have a visor that provides more protection, this allows the entire canopy to rotate to the front for headwinds or low sun.


This Baby Trend jogging stroller has an extra-large under seat storage bin. This bin can be reached from any side, and its maximum weight is just 5 lbs., which is the lowest. This stroller also has a parent consolefeaturing two cup holders, a storage compartment that can be closed (located above right), and a child’s tray which also has two cup holders. This tray swings up on a side for an easy access to the seat.


On a range of 1 to 10, The Expedition earned a 5-point harness level, which means it is fairly easy to put on and to take off. In addition, it is quite easy to adjust and has shoulder straps to adjust the height and adjustable crotch straps. Though there are no padded straps, and to release the harness, each side strap has to be released separately from the buckle; but generally, The Expedition has one of the simpler harnesses.


The Expedition jogging stroller has a single-handed recline that can be easily used and it is deep enough for your child to nap in. When the seat back is reclined, it has ventilation that can be shielded during a cold weather. The edge of the seat is soft to touch and it curves down at a really comfortable angle.

Easy To Setup

It takes about eight minutes to set up this jogging stroller from unpacking to ready to roll.


For maneuverability, The Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller got a rating of 8 of 10, which is the second highest; just below Urban Glide 2, same score with Grand Safari, Revolution Flex, Turismo and above Solstice, Summit X3, Glide 2, Terrain, Arrow, Ironman, Chicco TRE, and Sport Utility.

It is really easy to push and turn the Expedition on a flat surface. It can make it through an obstacle course without hitting any object; the Expedition does not also need a pre-planned turning.

The jugging stroller has a shorter wheelbase and a narrower width that makes turning stress-free and it is easy to push due to the lighter weight. Pushing the Expedition off-road is totally easy as it can roll over the grass and gravel easily.

The handlebar of the stroller isn't adjustable, though it has an upward curve mid-bar and a rubber covering.

This baby trend doesn't have any suspension. The Expedition has a hard seat back that isn't comfortable like the sling style seat. It is safe to say this jogging stroller isn't the most comfortable or the best option for pushers or passengers and not exactly a good choice for long-distance running.


The baby trend stroller had a rating of 6 of 10 for good quality. Compared to the level of competition, this is fairly low; but considering the cheap price, it isn’t such a surprise. The Expedition scored below some other products like Glide 2, Ironman, Urban Glide 2, Revolution Flex, Sport Utility, Solstice, Terrain, Summit X3 and Chicco TRE.

The fabric on the jogging stroller is durable, though it feels rough.

This baby trend has a frame made from steel with some flex at the hinge point and also some plastic connections where the baby trend jogging stroller folds.

This steel frame has no shocks; it is small and has exposed connection points. The parts made of plastic fit comfortably on the frame and are well- finished, everything fits well but it is not exactly as tight as most people would expect for a jogging stroller. The Expedition stroller has metallic wheels with rubber tires filled with air.


This expedition jogging stroller features a child tray and a parent console which leaves few accessories left to be purchased.

The stroller also has a really nice rain cover. The rain cover is specifically made for strollers in the Expedition line. This provides protection for the child from both wind and rain. The rain cover is manufactured with a clear polyvinyl and it is attached to the Velcro straps.

When the rain cover is not in use, it folds a little so it can fit snugly in the stroller pocket.


  • angle-double-right
    It has an affordable price point
  • angle-double-right
    Has a child tray and parental console
  • angle-double-right
    Front wheel swivels and it locks into place to enhance easy turning and a smooth run
  • angle-double-right
    The 5-point harness of the stroller keeps the child buckled safely


  • angle-double-right
    Seat lacks side padding
  • angle-double-right
    At high speeds, a bit of a wheel wobble occurs
  • angle-double-right
    Folding up could be easier than usual

Bottom Line

This concise baby trend expedition jogging stroller review has all the important details needed by parents that are planning to purchase a jogging stroller for their child.

Furthermore, most baby trend jogging stroller reviews agree with the fact that – for hundreds of dollars less, the Expedition jogging stroller isn’t so far behind other premium brands of jogging strollers.

Among any other interesting factors, this stroller provides the service that’s even worth more than its price. Moreover, it can withstand a multitude of terrain and very much pocket-friendly.

Conclusively, if you intend to purchase a jogging stroller capable of providing sufficient comfort for both you and your child, the baby trend expedition jogging stroller is the best choice and highly recommended in most reviews when you want to buy a baby jogging stroller online.


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